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Trilogy makes invasive and noninvasive home ventilation less complicated with a simplified user interface for greater versatility. Its lightweight design and internal and detachable batteries make portability easier for patients on the go.

The Trilogy 100 ventilator provides both invasive and non-invasive therapy.  Capable of delivering several modes of therapy for patient’s that require a mixture of therapies.  The Trilogy provides downloadable reports for physicians and clinicians to assist with ventilator management of patient’s.  A summary of the benefits of the Trilogy 100 ventilator are as follows:
•    Portable; includes six hour battery backup;
•    Direct view software to monitor compliance;
•    Dual settings available to accommodate ease for patient’s to use different modes of therapy;
•    Progression through disease process by providing access to different modes;
•    High leak compensation;
•    Use of active circuit for both non-invasive and invasive patient’s; and
•    Many more.

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